Get off on the right foot with Pre-Migration audit

Are you about to launch a new version of your website? Is it changing CMS, theme or concept? A Pre-Migration audit is when your new site is all the way done and is about to launch (release candidate) and is running at your staging location. By running a series of tests, looking at current site vs new site, you will have the best chances to keep and, most often, improve your SEO.


Old pages should be 301 redirected to new pages. Finding corresponding pages is semi-automatic, and needs to be checked after new site going live.


While being a generic part of site migration this work is often missed or done partway.


Naturally, there should be a single redirect. SEO page power is reducing when going through multiple redirects.


Making sure VIP pages look and feel the same way for Google bot is an important part of the check.


Our Pre-Migration checklist has more than 44 checks. Most done manually and should be checked after new site is released.


A Pre-migration audit is almost like a full SEO audit and a consultant doing it will have additional ideas of how things can be improved in Google.

Post-Migration audit save me please!

So you have updated your website and Google organic traffic and rankings isn’t that good as they used to be? No matter how frustrating it is, most likely, some important points of Pre-Migration SEO analysis have been missed!

With Post-Migration audit, there are big chances to save the situation! That’s right, Post-Migration is a lot like Pre-Migration, but we need to inspect historical data from Google Analytics and Search Console to find out what was missed.

About SEO Migrants

We are a team of professional SEO consultants with a passion to technical SEO.


We strongly believe that professional SEO help at the stage of website migration is necessary for many websites. You may be doing SEO yourself, using in-house SEO specialists or working with the agency: when it comes to pre-migration SEO analysis – the best is to ask for help from someone who is doing this on a daily basis.

Performing SEO migration is not a rocket science. We do not have secrets: every tiny step we do, we explain in our blogposts.

We develop tools like Redirect Map Tool so anyone is free to use.

By working with SEO Migrants you actually outsource. Most of our team is located in Ukraine and our price range is very fair.

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Why our clients and partners love us

At SEO Migrants, we are focusing specifically on SEO pre-migration or post-migration audits and consulting.

When clients approach us with website redesign enquiries, the first thing they ask is “How are you going to make sure my rankings in Google will be kept?”. Now that we work with SEO Migrants, we not only have the right answer, but we actually are doing full cycle of works…

Kevin G.

Web Design Studio, TX
Alex and his team is extremely talented, professional and very nice to work with. Not only did our project go very smooth, but we saw absolutely no negative drop to any of our Google rankings after our site migration. I highly recommend SEO Migrants!

Paolo M.

Leading Ecommerce Webstore, NY
We work with known Australian brands. We change our client’s websites a lot and we can’t afford failures with loosing Google positions. SEO Migrants do good job, we can rely on them. They are a perfect fit since they totally work on our behalf.

Robyn F.

Digital Agency, Sydney

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